*** Update: We are sad to say that Ideale is now closed, at least until the Coronavirus outbreak is over. However, we are still offering food to go, hoping to continue supporting our Ideale employees & family. We’ve consolidated operations with our sister restaurant, Piccolo Forno, right around the corner from Ideale, on 725 Columbus. We’ll still be serving the same food you’re used to at Ideale, if not better, as all of the chefs have now moved over there. Maurizio will be in the kitchen every day making pizza, focaccia, fresh pasta, even panini (Italian sandwiches). We’ll also have the full menu at Piccolo Forno available to go. Follow the Piccolo Forno link for the current menu. Food can be ordered directly from the restaurant (415-757-0087) or through Doordash. We’re offering 20% off right now on all to go orders through us. And we’ll be open from 11-9 every day except Tuesday, so come grab food anytime for lunch or dinner. Rest assured that our kitchen and countertops are immaculate, sanitized constantly, not allowing any employee with a hint of illness, and constant vigilance to keep to the highest standards of food safety. We will run the food out to your car will deliver to immediate neighbors (within a mile).

Also, if you plan on coming to see us once we’re back up and running (which we will be!), please consider getting a gift certificate now.  Link is on the left. Thank you!!

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy right now. We really will miss seeing you all and hope we can laugh together over a good meal very soon. ❤️– Ideale ***



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